PrimeTech International, Inc. (PTI), a small, 8(a) woman-owned business, began operations in 2007 providing comprehensive business and contracting services in the areas of information technology, engineering, project design, maintenance and management. As the company grew through acquisition of both industry and government projects, PrimeTech International, Inc. expanded in the areas of facilities support services and base operations support services. PTi’s success has stemmed from a combination of our quality infused management system, lean management and efficiencies, subcontractor selection and management, previous and current contract management, extensive knowledge of FAR, customer satisfaction, quick response, and competitive pricing.

Currently, PrimeTech International, Inc. manages Vehicle, Equipment, and Facilities Maintenance; Supply and Property Book; Warehousing and Distribution; Corrosion Prevention and Control; and Programmatic based contracts as a Prime contractor.

PTi strives to provide best value, high quality, and intuitive logistical services to Government agencies. Our objective is to become a premier provider through the implementation of fresh ideas, technological solutions, lean management practices, reduced overhead and burdening, and the highest quality of customer service in support of Government readiness and mission requirements.

Mission Statement:

To offer and support best value logistical solutions for Government and industry clients.

Company Vision:

Our vision is to become an industry leader through project dedication, commitment to success, and continuously improving systems and processes through real time analysis, lean principle applications, technological advancements, and affirmative relationships amongst all teammates, personnel, and customers alike.

Guiding Principles:

Diverse Solutions: Offer various solutions to best meet the needs of our customers.

Collaboration: Continuously build and expand business relationships, always mindful of new directions and mission readiness of our clients.

Continuous Improvement: Proactively seek opportunities for enhancement, offering leaner and more efficient solutions.

Best Value: Provide the highest level of cost effective services, through quality, integrity, hard work, and dedication.

Intelligent Ideas: Employ fresh insight to build upon proven processes and encourage team members to suggest the same.

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